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Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing question and need a sample draft to help

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing question and need a sample draft to help me learn.1. As the environmental health and safety manager you have been asked to conduct a fire prevention and protection audit of the assembly area, which measures 80 feet by 140 feet. There are currently 2A10B:C fire extinguisher located in the center of the room on each of the short ends ( 40 feet on each end of the room) . The room hazard level is rated as ordinary with moderate amounts of Class A combustible and only minimal amounts of flammable/combustible material. Based on the information, provide a determination (you must show your math calculations as to how many Fire extinguishers are needed for this area and provide comments on their placement.(200 words),2. Your company has several employees who are working a conveyor line to clean up an over spill of product by manually shoveling the materials. The conveyor belt is located outdoors and will take several days to clean up given the following data wet bulb temperature = 88°f dry bulb temperature = 93°f and globe Temperature = 91°F. Calculate the WBGT index you must show your calculations due to the heat, the employees are only exposed for 190 minutes at this temperature over an 8 hour workday. Assume a 75°f exposure for the remaining 290 minutes. provide a recommendation on the work/rest cycle(200 words)3. Discuss the concept of wind chill. After discussing this concept, calculate the wind chill in °f based on the following information you must show your calculations Air temperature: 10°f and a wind speed of 12 mph (200 words)

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Thanks. Thanks. Thanks! The argumentative essay was completed well. It helped me see other perspectives I had not thought of myself. Used the model essay as advised in your fair use policy. Helpful!!!!
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