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Threaded Discussion #2 ~ THURSDAY NIGHT 5:00-7:50 // GENDER SCHEMA NORMS ~ BREAK

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Threaded Discussion #2 ~ THURSDAY NIGHT 5:00-7:50 // GENDER SCHEMA NORMS ~ BREAKING FREE OF THE RIGID CONFINES AND SEEING THE POSSIBILITY Diane Bento55 unread replies.55 replies.“What does Cinderella want? She wants agency…In terms of the way the stories are represented to children, what she wants is to be herself” (Botelho & Rudman, 2009, p. 238).
“Unlike male characters who were depicted as level-headed and unemotional, female characters were portrayed as emotionally fragile, even unstable” (Berry & Wilkins, 2017, p. 11).
“While girls certainly are disadvantaged by patriarchal constructs of gender, boys’ performative choices also are diminished for fear of penalty. As a result, the collectivity of educational spaces may be lost as feminine boys come to dread these settings” (Earles, 2017, p. 384).
Hamilton et al. (2006, as cited in Berry & Wilkins, 2017) relayed that within children’s books published between 2001 to 2006, a huge majority of female characters portrayed were in traditional gendered normed occupations. Additionally, they were shown to be the chief homemaker and caretaker of the family (p.4).
PREP: FOUR READINGSOne (1) POEM + THREE (3) ARTICLES/ CHAPTERS POEM:1. “Never Grow a Wishbone – For My Daughter” (McMane, 2012)Poem Found in CANVAS MODULE / Week 2 & 3 – GENDER SCHEMA2. Reading #8 – p. 79“Cinderella: The SocialConstruction of Gender”(Botelho & Rudman, 2009) Reading #9 – p. 89“We Said Feminist Fairy Tales,Not Fractured Fairy Tales!”(Kuykendal & Sturm, 2007)Reading #10 – p. 93“The Gendered Portrayal ofInanimate Characters in Children’s Books” (Berry & Wilkins, 2017)Reading #11 – p. 105“Reading Gender: A Feminist,Queer Approach to Children’s Literature and Children’s Discursive Agency” (Earles, 2017)BOOKS1. Jo Jo’s Flying Side Kick See Week Two Module for Book Read Aloud 2. America is Her Name See Week One Module for Book Read Aloud 3. Sofia Valdez Future Prez (Links to an external site.)4. Oliver Button is a Sissy by Tommie dePaola (Read Aloud) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)5. William’s Doll Read Aloud (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)6. Princess Grace | Book Read Aloud (Links to an external site.)PROMPT:Inspiration:Heroes are you. Heroes are me. Heroes are Change Agents for HumanityHeroes are you. Heroes are me. Heroes are Change Agents for EqualityHeroes are you. Heroes are me. Heroes see Good Trouble as Possibility Heroes are you. Heroes are me. Heroes are Change Agents for Humanity Gender Schema Norms constrict and restrict true freedom of expression and promote Gender Stereotypes. Gender Schema Norms choke the aspirations of both boys and girls, and guide them down the narrow alleys of social dictates constructed from the past. Shattering the notion that gender schema norms are ‘correct’ demonstrations of behavior allow children to honestly actualize their true selves without ridicule, shame, embarrassment, or sanction. Presenting open minded possibilities to children, regardless of their gender, offers all children every opportunity to actualize their own unique superpower. Imagine you are a parent in the future (or perhaps you are now:) and your child has come home in tears because he/she is being bullied on the playground for the way they are throwing a ball. They share with you that they were called ‘a sissy’ and everyone on the playground mocked their attempt to play ball. In fact, no one wanted to invite your child onto their team because of their disdain for your child’s athletic abilities. You reassure your child that they are a superhero and have superpowers of strength that can not be measured by how they throw a ball. Now it’s your turn to actualize your superpowers as a parent and share books to the class on library day.You choose all six (6) books listed here above to read to the class with the purpose of shattering the harmful stereotypes that have hurt your child.
List and discuss each of these (6) books in order of importance. Your choices should be made by reflecting upon the following point: Within each of these books, a character in the story faces a challenge and later becomes the hero of the story, or ‘the change agent who empowers others to become better’.
Add to your list a brief but clear review for each story answering the following four (4) questions:
Who is the hero of the story?
What was their superpower?
How did they became a change agent?
Who were changed for the better because of the hero’s superpower?
Before you leave, you read the Poem “For my Daughter” and remind the children that they can be anyone they want- regardless of their gender! You tell them to have an open mind. You remind them to be kind:)Read the Three (3) Articles/Chapters, one (1) Poem, and six (6) Children’s Books listed inside this Threaded Discussion with thoughtful analysis
Answer the following question (200 word minimum) and include two (2) in-text APA Quotes anywhere you like within your answer (quote not part of word count). Use one (1) Quote from the Earles (2017) article and one (1) Quote from the Berry and Wilkins (2017) article to support and connect your thoughtful discussion with a scholarly citation. Please look at the beginning of this post for examples of Correct APA format.
Respond to a Classmate’s Discussion (50 word minimum)
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